Who we are ?


In the 1990s, during an atmosphere of political tension, a large part of cultural actors and intellectuals abandoned their roles in cultural field and get engaged in the brutal repression political system. That led to the retreat of the access to culture in Tunisia and its role in social change. That led also to the creation of “no-where” for public spaces where it is not permitted to practice cultural and artistic rights.

In 17 December / 14 January 2011, Interior regions and public spaces embraced new artistic and cultural practices such as Graffiti wall manuscripts bearing revolutionary slogans reclaiming freedom and denouncing dictatorship. From the depth of perception and sense of marginalization and our insistence on the production of alternative cultural expressions to promote human rights mainly cultural rights, A new cultural youth movement “FanniRaghmanAnni” was established in 2011, using alternative artistic expressions for social change.


An equal Tunisian society without marginalization, enjoying its cultural rights.


An independent cultural association was established in 2013 in Tunis and works to revitalize the Tunisian street as an open space for political, artistic and cultural expression by developing the artistic capacities of talented young people of both sexes in the popular and marginalized neighborhoods, supporting them to develop and strengthen their knowledge’s and provide them with opportunities to produce interactive performances exposing their realities.


  • A country that support and respect everyone without discrimination, exclusion or marginalization.
  • A country recognizing and valorizing the revolution, its cause, its paths and values.
  • A country that recognize and support the power of its youth.
  • A country where creativity is valorized and promoted.
  • A country that encourage youth to launch development and cultural initiatives.
  • A country with a lasting slogan: There is no place for traitors, a nation that brings us together regardless of our differences.


  • New activists emerging from popular neighborhoods, interior and public areas, also elites who have abandoned political action and those who seek change.
  • Our hope is to influence these groups in public policies through the process of reshaping, producing, and building the movement on alternative artistic practices and methods for social change and cultural development.
  • Artists and creative actors who believe in change and who are in need of capacity building and support.


  • We are engaged in the path of success and the achievement of the goals of the revolution of freedom, dignity and justice
  • Loyalty to the blood of the Tunisian martyrs.
  • Permanent encouragement of all knowledge and artistic experiences
  • We consider that the global human rights system is the approach that unites us so we work in its framework, and we are working to apply it in the Tunisian context


  • Create and innovate new forms and tools of research and creation.
  • Build on previous experiences and projects.
  • Use expressive cinematic concepts and Permanent rooting of the concepts
  • Arts for social change and development
  • Empowering new young activists through civic, social and cultural movement



SeifEddineJlassi is an artist and cultural activist graduated from the Higher Institute of fine Arts Tunisia and researcher in the Higher institute of dramatic arts. Since 2015, he is member of the United Nations Youth Advisory Council. He is a certificated trainer in cultural management, new tactics of Human rights, and advocacy. In 2011, he Founded in Tunisia “FanniRaghmanAnni”, a cultural organization that is working to advocate access to culture mainly in interior and disadvantaged areas and promote the role of culture in social change. He received different awards such as UNV award of best volunteering work in the Arab region 2014, Takreem Award for cultural excellence in the Arab region 2016. He is the director of different theater plays such as: WC, Zamaken, Gantra and Getlouh.



An actor and human rights activist Obtained national and international awards in the field of acting and creative production and scenorgraphy. Atef is a specialist in the field of multimedia and media. He participated in various training sessions that deal with the defense of human rights.



AsmaKaouech is a human rights and cultural activist from Tunisia. Since 2014, she is the executive director of FanniRaghmanAnni organization. She holds a Bachelor diploma in public law and a Master in European Migration Law from the University of Tunis Carthage, a Certificate in Leadership and project management from the University of Delaware, along to other Certificates in Human rights, cultural and civil society organizations management. She was selected in 2017 as Sakharov Fellow for human rights defenders from the European Parliament. And she received the award of human rights defender in 2018 of the Tunisian leagues of Human rights. Moreover, Asma has a good experience in capacity building, she is a trainer in different fields: Participatory democracy, advocacy and activism campaigns, and Human Rights based approach for development.


Executive director

He studied at the Continuous Training Center in Al-Khadra in the field of multimedia and media. Since 2013, he is a Theater actor and human rights activist. He participated in several performances and artistic trainings as an actor in many national and international cultural events and participated in various training courses and projects dealing with human rights and cultural relief. (We are here project, days4hope initiative and Equal4med program in the Marseille);

Ramy Zidi

Executive coordinator