The show “Zamaken”


Title: Zamaken
Production: Seif Eddin Jlassi
Choreography: Rochdi Belgesmi
Script: Anis Zgarni
Masks and accessories: Mohammed Ali Ben Hamouda
Costumes and following: Ayoub Ben Slama
Produced by FANNI RAGHMAN ANNI/ artistic camps of “Zamaken”



Combine between dramatic arts and the Tunisian popular tradition, blending it with the contemporary dancing. It is an artistic composed show, it is a show that varies the expressional and interactive forms, it can be performed in a hall or a public space to allow interactions between “the public” and creativity. Zamaken is about showing the reality of the Tamazight minority in Tunisia in an abstract expressionist form with a logic
that settles on respecting the rights and freedoms of Tamazight and attempting to integrate them in the society.
The team work: 12
Duration of the performance: 45 minutes